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Past River Runs


Apr 30Pollett - Moving Water Clinic7 canoes
Apr 29Little6 canoes (2 groups)
Apr 28Pollett7 canoes
Apr 23Cocagne (upper section)7 canoes
Apr 20Pollett5 canoes
Apr 19Memramcook2 canoes
Apr 19Mill Creek2 canoes
Apr 18Mill Creek2 canoes
Apr 16Cocagne (lower section)6 canoes
Apr 15Cocagne (upper section)2 canoes
Apr 15Cocagne (lower section)9 canoes
Apr 13St-Paul/Bouctouche7 canoes
Apr 11St-Paul/Bouctouche2 canoes
Apr 10Pollett11 canoes
Apr 9Little2 canoes
Apr 7Little7 canoes
Apr 4Mill Creek1 canoe
Jan 2Pollett6 canoes


Dec 26Little4 canoes
Dec 9Little5 canoes
Dec 4Mill Creek5 canoes
Dec 1Mill Creek3 canoes
Nov 27Petitcodiac2 kayaks
Nov 19Shediac Island2 kayaks
Nov 13Pollett7 canoes
Nov 11Cocagne Island3 kayaks
Sep 19Shediac Island2 kayaks
Jul 30 - Aug 1Restigouche2 canoes
Jun 16-19Bonaventure (3 grps)10 canoes
Jun 11-14Cascapedia4 canoes
Jun 13Jones Lake (clinic)6 canoes
Jun 3-5Nepisiguit (course)4 canoes
May 31Jones Lake (clinic)8 canoes
May 20-22Ste-Croix11 canoes
May 18Jones Lake (clinic)7 canoes
May 8Kouchibouguac1 canoes + 7 kayaks
May 6-7Caines-Gaspereaux1 canoes
May 7Jones Lake (clinic)5 canoes
May 7Little2 canoes
May 3Pollett6 canoes
May 1Mill Creek3 canoes
Apr 30Little1 canoes
Apr 26Little2 canoes
Apr 23Kouchibouguac3 kayaks
Apr 23Pollett (cancelled)n/a
Apr 21Mill Creek2 canoes
Apr 21Pollett2 canoes
Apr 21Little 3 canoes
Apr 16Pollett7 canoes + 1 kayak
Apr 9Cocagne10 canoes
Apr 6Cocagne4 canoes
Apr 2Cocagne14 canoes
Apr 2Little 5 canoes
Mar 26Pollett14 canoes
Mar 24Little 5 canoes
Mar 20Little 4 canoes
Mar 19Little 3 canoes
Mar 18Pollett2 canoes
Mar 18Little 3 canoes
Mar 17Little 5 canoes
Mar 11Pollett3 canoes
Mar 5Pollett3 canoes
Mar 2Little 4 canoes
Feb 27Pollett6 canoes
Feb 23Pollett2 canoes
Feb 21Pollett4 canoes
Feb 20Pollett4 canoes
Jan 6Pollett2 canoes


Apr 2Cocagne (upper section)4 canoes
Apr 2Cocagne (upper section)5 canoes
Mar 30Cocagne (lower section)5 canoes
Mar 21Cocagne (lower section)7 canoes


No club-sanctioned river runs were done because of Covid-19.


May 12Pollett2 canoes
May 5Pollett6 canoes
May 2Little2 canoes
Apr 19Cocagne (upper section)5 canoes
Apr 12Cocagne (upper section)7 canoes
Apr 14Pollett2 canoes
Apr 13Pollett (moving water clinic)7 canoes
Apr 12Cocagne (upper section)3 canoes
Apr 12Pollett6 canoes
Apr 7Pollett10 canoes (2 groups)
Mar 31Pollett12 canoes (2 groups)
Mar 30Pollett (moving water clinic)3 canoes
Mar 20Little5 canoes
Mar 24Pollett10 canoes (2 groups)
Jan 28Pollett2 canoes


Jun 21Little3 canoes
May 20River near Charlottetown in PEI1 kayak
May 18-20Magaguadavic2 canoes
May 20Pollett2 canoes + 1 kayak
May 13Pollett5 canoes
May 6Cocagne7 canoes + 1 kayak
Apr 28Memramcook1 canoe
Apr 28Canaan4 canoes
Apr 28Trout Creek2 canoes
Apr 28Pollett1 canoe
Apr 28Cocagne3 canoes
Apr 27Pollett1 canoe
Apr 27Cocagne5 canoes
Apr 24Little4 canoes
Apr 16Little2 canoes
Apr 14Pollett3 canoes
Apr 13Little2 canoes
Feb 21Pollett2 canoes
Feb 16Little2 canoes
Feb 16Pollett1 canoe


May 7Memramcook1 canoe
May 7Pollett2 canoes
May 6Pollett5 canoes
May 5Pollett5 canoes
May 2Cocagne3 canoes
May 1Pollett3 canoes
Apr 30Memramcook1 canoe
Apr 29Canaan4 canoes
Apr 29Little5 canoes
Apr 24Cocagne3 canoes
Apr 15Pollett8 canoes (2 groups)
Apr 14Cocagne7 canoes (2 groups)
Apr 9Pollett6 canoes
Apr 9Little2 canoes
Apr 8Pollett2 canoes
Apr 8Little4 canoes
Apr 7Fox Creek1 canoe
Feb 28Pollett5 canoes
Jan 29Pollett2 canoes


Oct 8-10Ste-Croix2 canoes
Aug (3 days)Ste-Croix4 canoes
AugOromocto4 canoes
Aug (3 days)Ste-Croix4 canoes
Jul-Aug (30 days)Nahanni (NWT)3 canoes
Jun 30Nepisiguit5 canoes
Jun 22-25Bonaventure4 canoes
June 16-19Restigouche2 canoes
June (3 days)Ste-Croix4 canoes
May 7Barnaby2 canoes
May (2 days)Canaan2 canoes
Apr 23Dungarvon4 canoes
Apr 21Pollett4 canoes
Apr 16-17Canaan2 canoes
Apr 17Pollett1 canoe + 1 kayak
Apr 17Pollett9 canoes
Apr 14Little6 canoes
Apr 9Cocagne10 canoes (2 groups)
Apr 3Kouchibouguac2 canoes
Apr 2Pollett2 canoes
Apr 2Cocagne5 canoes
Apr 1Little6 canoes (2 groups)
Mar 25Pollett3 canoes
Mar 11Little3 canoes
Feb 26Pollett2 canoes
Feb 25Pollett2 canoes
Jan 1Pollett5 canoes


May 27Pollett3 canoes
May 16-17Barnaby2 canoes
May 18Pollett5 canoes
May 17Pollett2 canoes + 1 kayak
May 16Kouchibouguac2 canoes + 1 kayak
May 16Pollett4 canoes
May 14Cocagne (upper section)3 canoes
May 10Pollett1 canoe + 1 kayak
May 9Dungarvon3 canoes
May 9Cocagne8 canoes
May 8Scoudouc4 canoes
Apr 26Pollett4 canoes
Apr 25Cocagne5 canoes
Apr 24Cocagne2 canoes
Apr 19Fox Creek1 canoe
Apr 18Little3 canoes
Apr 18Pollett4 canoes
Apr 17Pollett4 canoes
Apr 17Little3 canoes
Apr 15Fox Creek1 canoe


May 24-30Nepisiguit4 canoes
May 25Pollett5 canoes
May 18Pollett5 canoes
May 18Pollett2 canoes + 2 kayaks
May 16-18Ste-Croix2 canoes
May 13Little2 canoes
May 9Pollett4 canoes
May 3-4Canaan4 canoes
Apr 26Pollett1 canoe
Apr 26Cocagne6 canoes
Apr 25Cocagne2 canoes
Apr 21Pollett7 canoes
Apr 20Bouctouche4 canoes
Apr 20Pollett1 canoe + 1 kayak
Apr 19Cocagne5 canoes
Apr 19Cocagne3 canoes + 1 kayak
Apr 18Hopewell Rocks5 kayaks
Apr 15Little3 canoes
Apr 13Little5 canoes
Apr 12Pollett11 canoes + 1 kayak
Apr 11Little3 canoes
Apr 10Pollett5 canoes
Apr 9Pollett2 canoes
Jan 17Pollett2 canoes
Jan 15Pollett3 canoes
Jan 15Mill Creek3 canoes
Jan 13Pollett2 canoes
Jan 1Saint John Harbor3 canoes


Apr 23Pollett2 canoes
Apr 21Pollett2 canoes
Apr 21Cocagne8 canoes + 2 kayaks
Apr 14Pollett2 canoes
Apr 7Little6 canoes + 1 kayak
Mar 31Little5 canoes
Mar 29Pollett8 canoes + 2 kayaks
Mar 24Pollett5 canoes
Mar 17Pollett5 canoes
Mar 14Little2 canoes + 1 kayak


May 13Shediac Bay5 kayaks
May 13Pollett1 canoe + 1 kayak
May 11Nepisiguit2 canoes
May 5 Pollett4 canoes
Apr 21Pollett4 canoes
Apr 14Dungarvon7 canoes
Apr 14Pollett7 canoes
Apr 7Pollett11 canoes + 2 kayaks
Apr 1Pollett2 canoes + 2 kayaks
Mar 31Pollett1 canoe
Mar 31Pollett9 canoes
Mar 24Little4 canoes
Mar 24Little4 canoes
Mar 22Little1 canoe


May 29Pollett6 canoes + 2 kayaks
May 28Little1 canoe + 1 kayak
May 28Pollett4 canoes
May 20-21Ste-Croix5 canoes
May 21Nepisiguit2 canoes
May 22Ste-Croix1 canoe + 2 kayaks
May 21Ste-Croix2 canoes
May 20Ste-Croix6 canoes
May 14Pollett3 canoes
May 12Cocagne3 canoes
May 7Pollett7 canoes
Apr 25Little3 canoes
Apr 23Dungarvon5 canoes
Apr 23Pollett5 canoes
Apr 22Cocagne7 canoes
Apr 22Kouchibouguac3 canoes
Apr 22Canaan2 canoes + 2 kayaks
Apr 20Little3 canoes
Apr 19Cocagne4 canoes
Apr 16Cocagne8 canoes + 3 kayaks
Apr 10Cocagne1 canoe
Apr 10Pollett2 canoes + 3 kayaks
Apr 9Little St-Paul3 canoes
Apr 9Pollett9 canoes
Apr 3Little5 canoes
Apr 1Little3 canoes
Mar 31Pollett4 canoes
Mar 27Little5 canoes
Mar 23Little2 canoes
Mar 24Pollett4 canoes
Mar 12Pollett5 canoes + 1 kayak
Mar 12Little1 canoe


Apr 3 Pollett3 canoes
Apr 2 Pollett5 canoes
Mar 27 Pollett2 canoes
Mar 13 Little4 canoes
Mar 9 Little3 canoes


May 26Cocagne Island 1 kayak
May 21-24Miramichi6 canoes
May 23-24Irishtown (flat & moving water course) 6 canoes
May 23Pollett (poling course)4 canoes
May 22Cocagne Island2 kayaks
May 21Cocagne Island1 kayak
May 20Bouctouche2 canoes
May 19Shediac Island1 kayak
May 16-18Ste-Croix5 canoes + 2 kayaks
May 16-17Serpentine3 canoes
May 16Petitcodiac2 canoes
May 14Bouctouche to Shediac (coastal)1 kayak
May 12Cocagne Island2 kayaks
May 9Kouchibougouac5 canoes
May 8Isle de Shediac2 kayaks
May 7Kouchibougouasis2 kayaks
May 6Cocagne Island1 kayak
May 5Shediac Island (around)2 kayaks
May 3Cocagne4 canoes
May 2-3Canaan3 canoes
May 2Petitcodiac6 canoes + 1 kayak
May 1Dungarvon4 canoes + 1 kayak
Apr 30South Bouctouche2 canoes
Apr 29South Bouctouche1 canoe
Apr 28Memramcook1 canoe
Apr 26Cocagne4 canoes
Apr 25-26Canaan1 canoe + 2 kayaks
Apr 25Cocagne5 canoes
Apr 24Cocagne2 canoes + 1 kayak
Apr 14Little1 canoe
Apr 13Little2 canoes
Apr 11Trout Creek8 canoes & 2 kayaks
Apr 10Trout Creek2 canoes & 2 kayaks
Apr 10Pollett9 canoes + 1 flat bottom
Apr 9Little1 canoe
Apr 8Pollett2 canoes
Apr 5Pollett3 canoes
Apr 4Pollett2 canoes + 2 kayaks
Apr 3Little3 canoes + 1 kayak
Mar 28Pollett3 canoes
Mar 27Pollett3 canoes + 1 kayak
Mar 21Pollett5 canoes + 1 kayak


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