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Seller:        Peter Manchester
                 Sackville NB

For sale:   Chestnut Sailing Canoe. Original build. Circa 1959.
Price:        $2250 (negotiable)


Sailing Canoe, 17', cedar/canvas (prospector type) . Was re-canvased and hull is in good condition. Comes with two dagger boards (port and starboard), rudder with extension, two masts, sail (not original), outriggers, surf/wave guard extension (for sailing in rougher water), sponsons (I have removed them because I sail with outriggers), sailing hardware and lines.

This boat goes very fast in a moderate wind. Not for sailing in heavy wind. Has lateen type rigging and is easy to sail. Would be an excellent boat for longer adventures as you sit back and enjoy the view as the world streams by. Can be sailed solo. Will accommodate another adult or two kids when rigged.


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